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Article: Fashion United

Fashion United

Fashion United

"It's a women's clothing brand, created by a woman for women. This is how Maëva Bezzioune describes her fashion brand when we ask her by email to summarize MAË PARIS. The young woman presents on social networks a well-groomed image whose style is reminiscent of other female entrepreneurial figures such as the French Caroline Receveur or the American Kim Kardashian. Like them, the designer shows ambition and capitalizes on her desire to highlight "women's empowerment". After a bridal line in 2016, Maëva Bezzioune launched her ready-to-wear last year and presented her first couture line in February 2020.

The boutique is located at number 66 of the very chic rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. It features sophisticated luxury - corseted tops, embroidered jackets, evening capes - pieces priced from 1935€ for a coat-dress to 315€ for pants. The collections are available for sale in her boutique, on her e-shop, at Galeries Lafayette Doha (Qatar), and at the Ritz Paris Gallery. To lift the veil on this new name in luxury, we sent our questions to Maëva Bezzioune.

You launched ready-to-wear in 2020, four years after founding the brand. Why this choice and why at this stage?

This has always been in my plans, but the global situation has only accelerated the process. In fact, you have to admit that the couture market has decreased a lot, if not completely disappeared, with the pandemic - no big events, almost no red carpets, no weddings or important personal celebrations... And in 2020 I felt that ready-to-wear was the right way to talk to the customer - it was the time for something "easier", something more "wearable and practical", but still feminine and strong, to be able to go through this difficult period.

What digital strategy did you want to implement since the creation of the MAË PARIS RTW line?

Again, the pandemic played a big role in changing Maë's overall strategy, as our boutique had to remain closed for several months, and subsequently received half of its normal traffic, with the travel restrictions... I'm not very "pro-digital", as I really appreciate the personal contact with each customer and the incredible energy we share in fashion, when we interact offline. But as digital has quickly become our one and only way to communicate with customers, we have launched a whole new strategy in this regard. We are still in the development phase of a major online project, aiming to expand our online presence and online sales, and we are also looking at a digital approach to Couture - the way to bring that bespoke tailoring experience to the customer, but virtually.

What is MAË PARIS' distribution network and do you plan to develop it in 2021?

Of course, one of our main goals for 2021 is to develop our network of retail partners, we are particularly focused on the Middle East region (where we already have distributors, such as Galeries Lafayette Doha for example), the United States, Asia, and of course Europe.

What is the best-selling piece at MAË PARIS ? And the one you are most proud of ?

The best-selling piece is also the one I'm most proud of, as well as my team and workshop, because it requires many hours of handwork and features a hand-pleated sewing technique on a ready-to-wear piece - it's the Passion coat from the Force RTW collection. It's a mix of a bomber, a kimono and a Middle Eastern abaya. It can be worn as a coat or a dress, as a daytime piece with jeans or as an evening piece with tights and heels. It has a dramatic opening on the leg and amazing pleat work on the body. Really flattering for all body types and easy to wear, but still very dramatic, a true standout piece.

How do you cultivate your creativity?

I'm always full of ideas for upcoming collections, usually I can't even put them all together in one collection! So inspiration comes from anywhere, from sometimes unexpected sources, not related to fashion. I love architecture and interior design, it's my second passion, so I get a lot of ideas in those areas. Growing up and living in Paris is also incomparable, these streets and people never stop inspiring you.

The fashion industry has been hit hard by the crisis. How do you feel about this period and the one to come?

Every crisis is a challenge, and it's also a time of opportunity, you just have to look for it. With my team we are very flexible, literally in every misfortune we try to see the good side and simply act in the new direction given, staying positive no matter what. As I always say: be passionate and patient. After every crisis, especially economic, or consumer crisis, an upswing always occurs, just hang on to it. And a crisis also makes the old ways of working and thinking disappear, leaving room for something new. It's scary, it's hard, but if you're brave and patient enough, you'll be the one to reap the rewards once the crisis is over.

What are the plans for MAË PARIS in 2021 ?

We're going to focus on our ready-to-wear and develop our online presence, presenting new cool visual projects. New product lines are also coming.


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