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Jackets & Blazers

Explore the jackets & blazers collection by Maëva Bezzioune, combining modernity with the heritage of Parisian savoir-faire. Discover the iconic silhouettes of MAË PARIS, available in different sizes and shades.


Assurance jacket with embroidered short sleevesAssurance jacket with embroidered short sleeves
Assurance jacket with sequins sleevesAssurance jacket with sequins sleeves
Assurance jacket in pink tweed with short sleevesAssurance jacket in pink tweed with short sleeves
Black suit jacket with embroidered collarBlack suit jacket with embroidered collar
Short black cape adorned with crystalsShort black cape adorned with crystals
Long black cape adorned with crystalsLong black cape adorned with crystals
Charisma jacketCharisma jacket
Charisma jacket Sale price1,350.00 €

2 colors available

Confidence jacketConfidence jacket
Confidence jacket Sale price990.00 €
Will capeWill cape
Will cape Sale price1,100.00 €
Balance capeBalance cape
Balance cape Sale price890.00 €
White Pride jacketWhite Pride jacket
White Pride jacket Sale price720.00 €
Beige Empowerment jacketBeige Empowerment jacket
Beige Empowerment jacket Sale price1,230.00 €
Beige Energy jacketBeige Energy jacket
Beige Energy jacket Sale price820.00 €
Red Energy jacket
Red Energy jacket Sale price820.00 €
Choice jacketChoice jacket
Choice jacket Sale price990.00 €
Black and white Assurance jacketBlack and white Assurance jacket
Black and white Assurance jacket Sale price1,090.00 €
Shape jacketShape jacket
Shape jacket Sale price1,299.00 €
Sold outBlue Smart jacket
Blue Smart jacket Sale price1,195.00 €
Fuchsia Smart jacket
Fuchsia Smart jacket Sale price1,195.00 €
Black Empowerment jacketBlack Empowerment jacket
Black Empowerment jacket Sale price1,230.00 €
Black Assurance jacketBlack Assurance jacket
Black Assurance jacket Sale price1,090.00 €
Black and fuchsia Assurance jacket
Black and fuchsia Assurance jacket Sale price1,090.00 €
Fuchsia Empowerment jacket
Fuchsia Empowerment jacket Sale price1,230.00 €
Fuchsia Pride jacket
Fuchsia Pride jacket Sale price720.00 €
Sold outGeneration capeGeneration cape
Generation cape Sale price790.00 €
Vegan leather Renaissance jacketVegan leather Renaissance jacket
Vegan leather Renaissance jacket Sale price1,590.00 €
Renaissance jacketRenaissance jacket
Renaissance jacket Sale price1,450.00 €
Sold outSharp jacket
Sharp jacket Sale price1,240.00 €
Conviction jacketConviction jacket
Conviction jacket Sale price795.00 €
Figure jacket
Figure jacket Sale price855.00 €
Black Energy jacket
Black Energy jacket Sale price820.00 €
Grace denim jacket
Grace denim jacket Sale price1,890.00 €
Assurance denim jacket with white sleeves
Pride denim jacketPride denim jacket
Pride denim jacket Sale price720.00 €
Glory long jacket in denim
Glory long jacket in denim Sale price1,095.00 €
Providence long jacket
Providence long jacket Sale price1,395.00 €
Magnetism long jacket
Magnetism long jacket Sale price1,295.00 €
Assurance long jacket
Assurance long jacket Sale price1,395.00 €

2 colors available

Charm denim jacket
Charm denim jacket Sale price695.00 €
Finesse denim jacket
Finesse denim jacket Sale price695.00 €
Unity white jacketUnity white jacket
Unity white jacket Sale price995.00 €
Inspire jacket in white tweedInspire jacket in white tweed
Inspire jacket in white tweed Sale price1,195.00 €
Evolve capeEvolve cape
Evolve cape Sale price1,095.00 €

3 colors available