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Explore the skirts collection by Maëva Bezzioune, combining modernity with the heritage of Parisian savoir-faire. Discover the iconic silhouettes of MAË PARIS, available in different sizes and shades.


Midi-length skirt in pink tweed
Midi-length skirt in pink tweed Sale price590.00 €
Positivity skirtPositivity skirt
Positivity skirt Sale price390.00 €
Long black sequins skirtLong black sequins skirt
Long black sequins skirt Sale price695.00 €
Breathe skirtBreathe skirt
Breathe skirt Sale price990.00 €
Harmony skirtHarmony skirt
Harmony skirt Sale price490.00 €
Lightness skirtLightness skirt
Lightness skirt Sale price925.00 €
Solitude skirtSolitude skirt
Solitude skirt Sale price550.00 €
Sold outProgress skirtProgress skirt
Progress skirt Sale price485.00 €
Relief skirtRelief skirt
Relief skirt Sale price380.00 €
Destiny skirtDestiny skirt
Destiny skirt Sale price725.00 €
Green Care skirtGreen Care skirt
Green Care skirt Sale price550.00 €
Red Care mini-skirt
Red Care mini-skirt Sale price550.00 €
Will skirtWill skirt
Will skirt Sale price250.00 €
Sold outVegan leather Progress skirtVegan leather Progress skirt
Vegan leather Progress skirt Sale price525.00 €
Grace denim skirt
Grace denim skirt Sale price495.00 €
Vibrant denim skirtVibrant denim skirt
Vibrant denim skirt Sale price695.00 €