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Explore the pants collection by Maëva Bezzioune, combining modernity with the heritage of Parisian savoir-faire. Discover the iconic silhouettes of MAË PARIS, available in different sizes and shades.


Black Assurance pants with sequins stripes
Balance pantsBalance pants
Balance pants Sale price790.00 €
Perseverance pantsPerseverance pants
Perseverance pants Sale price795.00 €
Patience pantsPatience pants
Patience pants Sale price349.00 €

2 colors available

White Pride pantsWhite Pride pants
White Pride pants Sale price645.00 €
Confidence pantsConfidence pants
Confidence pants Sale price395.00 €
Beige Empowerment pantsBeige Empowerment pants
Beige Empowerment pants Sale price300.00 €
Elegance pantsElegance pants
Elegance pants Sale price590.00 €
Sold outBeige Energy pantsBeige Energy pants
Beige Energy pants Sale price320.00 €
Sold outRed Energy pants
Red Energy pants Sale price320.00 €
Emancipation pantsEmancipation pants
Emancipation pants Sale price625.00 €
Affirmation pantsAffirmation pants
Affirmation pants Sale price580.00 €
Redemption pantsRedemption pants
Redemption pants Sale price790.00 €
Change pantsChange pants
Change pants Sale price550.00 €
Black and white Assurance pantsBlack and white Assurance pants
Black and white Assurance pants Sale price320.00 €
Shape pants
Shape pants Sale price595.00 €
Evolution pantsEvolution pants
Evolution pants Sale price1,099.00 €
Advance pants
Advance pants Sale price465.00 €
Sold outBlack Empowerment pants
Black Empowerment pants Sale price300.00 €
Sold outBlack Assurance pantsBlack Assurance pants
Black Assurance pants Sale price320.00 €
Black and fuchsia Assurance pantsBlack and fuchsia Assurance pants
Modernity pants
Modernity pants Sale price390.00 €
Mutation pantsMutation pants
Mutation pants Sale price695.00 €
Fuchsia Pride pants
Fuchsia Pride pants Sale price645.00 €
Renaissance pants
Renaissance pants Sale price540.00 €
Sold outParadox pants
Paradox pants Sale price1,350.00 €
Evolution pants in denim and crystals
Denim Assurance pantsDenim Assurance pants
Denim Assurance pants Sale price395.00 €
Pride denim pantsPride denim pants
Pride denim pants Sale price645.00 €
Charm denim jeansCharm denim jeans
Charm denim jeans Sale price395.00 €
Finesse denim jeansFinesse denim jeans
Finesse denim jeans Sale price390.00 €
Equality denim jeans
Equality denim jeans Sale price395.00 €
Radiant jeans in denim and crystals
Unity white pantsUnity white pants
Unity white pants Sale price425.00 €