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Tops & Shirts

Explore the tops & shirts collection by Maëva Bezzioune, combining modernity with the heritage of Parisian savoir-faire. Discover the iconic silhouettes of MAË PARIS, available in different sizes and shades.


Black satin blouse with embroidered bustBlack satin blouse with embroidered bust
Positivity bodyPositivity body
Positivity body Sale price390.00 €
Sold outAdvance top
Advance top Sale price385.00 €
Affirmation bodyAffirmation body
Affirmation body Sale price550.00 €
Breathe bodyBreathe body
Breathe body Sale price590.00 €
Progress body
Progress body Sale price575.00 €
Black Movement body
Black Movement body Sale price305.00 €
Black and fuchsia Movement body
Black and fuchsia Movement body Sale price305.00 €
Sold outWhite Patience blouseWhite Patience blouse
White Patience blouse Sale price550.00 €
Green Care blouseGreen Care blouse
Green Care blouse Sale price625.00 €
Red Care blouse
Red Care blouse Sale price625.00 €
Relief blouseRelief blouse
Relief blouse Sale price325.00 €
Beige Redemption blouseBeige Redemption blouse
Beige Redemption blouse Sale price1,020.00 €
Black Redemption blouse
Black Redemption blouse Sale price590.00 €
Sold outBlue Patience blouseBlue Patience blouse
Blue Patience blouse Sale price720.00 €
Sold outParadox shirt
Paradox shirt Sale price1,090.00 €
Sold outElegance topElegance top
Elegance top Sale price690.00 €
Lightness topLightness top
Lightness top Sale price190.00 €
Harmony topHarmony top
Harmony top Sale price190.00 €
Emancipation topEmancipation top
Emancipation top Sale price585.00 €
Solitude topSolitude top
Solitude top Sale price190.00 €
Destiny topDestiny top
Destiny top Sale price390.00 €
Sold outEasiness top
Easiness top Sale price290.00 €
Evolution top
Evolution top Sale price249.00 €
Serenity black top with satin sleeves
Black satin sleeves sweatshirt
Black satin sleeves sweatshirt Sale price589.00 €
Light grey satin sleeves sweatshirt
Dark green satin sleeves sweatshirt