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The Designer

Maëva Bezzioune

Maëva was born in Paris to a mother of Italian origin and a father of Algerian origin, and has lived all her life in the capital of fashion and art, which has influenced her taste for architecture and the most refined designs.

From an early age, Maëva began creating and customizing her own clothes. In high school, she even founded her first small fashion company.

Years later, her own wedding deeply inspired her to create her own brand - MAË PARIS, specialized in wedding dresses at the time. A few years later, Maëva extended her creativity to couture eveningwear, creating "unique piece" dresses with the idea of giving each woman her importance by finding the ideal way to highlight her uniqueness, which is her beauty and therefore, her power.

"You don't have to be a celebrity to have your "red carpet moment", every woman has the right to shine, she just has to try and see, and I love to see how my customers' faces change, once they try on a dress they thought wasn't "made for her" - says Maëva.

With this in mind, Maëva launched the MAË PARIS ready-to-wear line in 2020, to share her everyday style and her vision of the perfect wardrobe for an emancipated woman.

"Build your self-power" is the brand's motto, which perfectly encapsulates its founder: Maëva.