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Live a revolution, breathe change, become a new generation, free and equal, vibrant and revolutionary-these were the vibrations in the air of the 80 s across the planet, an incredible era, which gave an inspiration to this collection of ready-to-wear, the third collection of ready-to-wear This era gave birth to the women's emancipation movement, allowing women to wear costumes in the same way as men for the first time, and to compete for the same careers.

The new femininity was born: the woman of power and her style.

Pointed silhouettes, accentuated shoulders, bold colors like electric blue and fuchsia pink, a mix of fluid and strong textures make up her wardrobe. The signature 80s lycra in new and modern shapes, mixed with leather, silk and wool, taking the best of masculine styles in the most feminine pieces. Silhouettes inspired by the pop and disco divas of the time, and the appearance of the first music videos, which have forever impacted our culture.

Free yourself from constraints, let yourself be carried towards a new space.
Give shape to your vision, develop your feminine power.

Enter the new revolution.